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Additive Manufacturing

Acceleration of human life and of human needs has led to creation of new manufacturing technologies alongside of old and common methods. The former methods of manufacturing process were based on removing extra parts of material from raw blocks which led to increasing of material loss. However, this problem has been solved in some new methods. One of them is additive manufacturing (AM).

Unlike old methods, AM is based on layer-by-layer material addition which finally lead to making of the final piece. In this process, the whole piece is designed by CAD’s software, and then stratified. After all, a machine creates these layers in layer-by-layer form. This technology makes us able to make pieces with extremely complex geometry. It also could be used to manufacture a prototype to survey the characteristics of a piece before mass production as well as to final making of the piece.

Among different methods of AM technology, LORG has initiated research activities on laser powder deposition (LPD) process, fusion deposition modeling (FDM) process, and powder-based 3D printing process.

Contact Person: Dr. Badrossamay

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