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Laser and Optics Research Group


LORG (Laser and Optics Research Group) is a multidisciplinary research group with the main focus on areas of Additive Manufacturing (AM), Laser Material Processing (LMP), Optical-based Measurements (OBM), and Precision Glass Molding (PGM). In LMP, currently there are number of active projects such as laser cladding, laser cutting and welding, laser based additive manufacturing, laser forming, and laser marking and engraving. Laser scanners and fiber optic sensors are the active research areas in OBM. Manufacturing aspherical lenses via precision glass molding process is another field of study in LORG. more...

  The LORG weekly seminar series program is as follows: Date Topic 24/11/1391 Laser Cladding 1/12/1391 Cutting and Welding of Polymers... read more

LORG News and Updates

01/17/2013 - 23:03

On Spring 2014, the course "Laser Material Processing" is taught by Dr. Foroozmehr as a special topic course at Mechanical Engineering Department. The topics covered in this course are:

  1. Basics of laser operation and types of industrial lasers
  2. Principles of laser material interaction
  3. Laser welding
  4. Laser cutting and drilling
  5. Laser powder deposition
  6. Laser marking and engraving
  7. Modeling of laser material processing
  8. Sensing, monitoring, and real-time control of laser material processing

by Dr. Radut

تحت نظارت وف ایرانی